The Benedictine Disciples

5 01 2011

A habit that I have is walking across the campus where I work during my lunch or break times especially when the weather is beautiful and warm enough to get outdoors in the winter. Yesterday, I decided to go for a walk since the sun was shining and so I set out on my usual path for my late lunch walk. As I headed toward the library I decided to run in and do a quick search for a book I needed for a project for school and believe it or not I was in and out in less than 5 minutes and successfully found the book I was looking for! So far, my day is going great! Again, I set out on my walk and am headed toward the divinity school enjoying the absolutely beautiful day when I spot 3 young gentlemen that are walking around with a video camera and a tripod. I spot them. They spot me. And before I know it we are headed straight for each other.

They introduced themselves as being seniors at the Benedictine College in Kansas and they were traveling around the south looking for people to interview on what the meaning of life is. Wow! The meaning of life?! They went straight for the tough question….there was no slowly breaking me in on that one! So, I agreed to be videotaped and to answer their questions so once the video was rolling the interview began. I answered their first question and my answer was a “religious one” because I mentioned that my faith in God was what brought me meaning and believing that I am on this earth to serve a purpose, designated by God, and to complete that purpose was my answer. They all kind of looked at each other as I was talking with a somewhat surprised look but they seemed to be pleasantly surprised. I was hoping with a name like Benedictine College that it would mean they were Christians, too. I answered a few more questions that touched on some deep issues but I felt at ease talking to them because they did not appear to be threatened by my talking about God so much. The interview ended and they thanked me for my honesty and one of them told me that they were all Christians, too, and that they were excited about the interviews that they were getting. Only about 5 or 6 people had declined the interview so it seems that they were blessed in their travels.

They were talking about starting out in St. Louis, maybe somewhere else before Nashville, and then they were headed on to Atlanta yesterday afternoon to end up in New Orleans before heading back home. The project will be completed in April and then they will graduate. We said a quick goodbye and then we parted.

As I walked away these three young men made me think of the disciples. It says in Luke’s account of the last supper that Jesus sent Peter and John into the city to make preparations to eat the Passover. It was like seeing some of Jesus’ disciples sent out to complete a task and they were willingly doing what was asked of them. Hopefully they will be blessed in their journey, blessed by the people that they meet and bless some people along the way. I know I felt blessed after meeting them and getting to spend a few minutes talking about the 1 man in my life that I love more than life itself…Jesus.

I have had more encounters with other believers during my lunch walks (you will have to check out my earlier blog titled “Jake and the Yellow Balloon”) and it always happens on a day when I really want some Godly joy to just drop in and visit, even if it is for just a few minutes. I am thankful that God takes moments like these to assure me that I am not alone in this world when it comes to having brothers and sisters in Christ!

Maybe it is time for you to take a walk soon and expect the unexpected!

Be blessed in your travels,




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7 01 2011

Look at you…Ms. Confidence! If I saw them coming for me, I would have ran the other way! If you had followed my lead, you would have missed out on this opportunity for joy!

Thanks for sharing!

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