27 02 2011

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to have a reunion with 2 friends from my college days at the University of Arkansas. We finally were able to pull together a date that we all agreed upon and converged upon the Pottery Barn Outlet in Memphis. We’re women… had to be a part of our girls weekend! So, Michele arrived from Arkansas, Heather from Mississippi and me, representing Tennessee. Sounds like a Miss America pageant! It was great to see them again and to be able to spend time just hanging out and having some fun. After we finished up shopping at Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma Outlet’s we headed to lunch for a quick break and learned all about Heather’s adventures at the Super Bowl in Dallas. She was 1 of the 400 people who did not have a seat! Michele and I were both in disbelief and it is definitely a story that Heather should put on paper or write in a blog!

That night we spent 3 hours at the Melting Pot in Germantown and had a wonderful time eating! It was agreed that the chocolate fondue was the best part of the meal. We had a great time just catching up with each other and reminiscing about memories from the dorm and the rest of our adventures at school! It had been almost 18 years exactly since we took our 1 and only spring break trip together to Disney World in Florida our Freshman year. Although this was a reunion, sadly one person from that spring break trip was not with us for this reunion. Shannon passed away 4 years ago and is sorely missed. It is especially sad because we are still so young and I do not think about losing friends at such a young age.

Shannon was a character and memories of her little, blue, 4-door car that she drove that first semester, which she hoped would get stolen so she could get a new car was eventually replaced with a new Jeep Cherokee, which took us to Florida! I also recall that we had a very small stove complete with an oven in the hallway of our dorm and when I learned that Shannon had never had a Chef Boyardee pizza I insisted that we have it for dinner that night. We set out for everything we needed and once the dough was spread out on the pan it ended up looking more like the amoeba pizza…very odd shaped! I cannot remember if she liked it or not but I think we all decided that Eureka Pizza was better because they made it and it was dirt cheap! Less work on our part so we’d have more time to play Pitch and make our TCBY runs to get yogurt. Those were the days!

Our get together had to come to an end Sunday. Heather was headed back home so she could make it to work, which she is a wonderful nurse who will become Dr. Heather as soon as she finishes up her Ph.D. program! So proud of her!

Michele’s husband and kids were having their own hangout weekend in Memphis so I joined Michele and her family for church at Grace Evangelical Church in Germantown. Dr. James Young III is the pastor there and what an amazing message that he delivered that morning! The church was celebrating 20 years in that building on Feb. 20th and the music was fabulous. Dr. Young delivered a message that definitely spoke to all of us. We all agreed that we were supposed to be there that day so it was definitely a God thing! Michele and John are great parents to their 2 children so it is so amazing for me to see them together as a family and to see them being strong Christian parents. So proud of them both!

It was a great weekend and it was sad to say goodbye to my friends but I am grateful that we have kept in touch over the years even though our lives have spread out in different directions. We hope to do this again every year and it will definitely be interesting to see where God has led us in each of our paths the next time that we meet.




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