Trust the Process

2 06 2011

I recently had the experience of getting away from everything, taking time to take care of me, recharge and seek a new beginning. What I discovered there was priceless. God met me there and walked me through some things. I discovered some answers to questions I had for years. These answers opened up new perspectives for me, allowed some of the hurt to lessen and I found a new thirst and zest for life. I made some new friends, formed some bonds that will live with me for a lifetime, saw miracles happen and even heard about some happening after we all parted ways. Amazing is all I can say about my week away.

We are all the same. We are all seeking something or someone. We are all walking wounded. I think David Gray said it nicely, “vapors of joy and hurt”. The hurt pushes us to places unknown. Joy redeems what the hurt has taken. In everything, trust the process.




One response

2 06 2011
"Skipper T."

Well said.. Same happening for me at First Baptist-Naples… After four years of divorce, I am back in to teaching in the “Singles-Again” Bible Class and we (all the singles classes) are family… They even threw me a birthday bash (I’ve only been here for six months!)… Joy is realized from the pain… Keep smilin’ Hog-Fan!

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