Waiting….as a New Year’s Resolution?

1 01 2011

Happy 2011 to you! I pray that God blesses you tremendously in this new and exciting year!

It is hard to believe that another year has come and gone but I am excited for what the new year holds. This morning I opened up my January issue of a booklet I received from Dr. Charles Stanley’s In Touch Ministries and the title on the outside is: “life’s most difficult lesson”. That did intrigue me so I decided to settle down on the couch with my cup of java and warm blanket and see what the most difficult lesson really is.

Waiting. That’s it….waiting is the most difficult lesson. That was not at all what I thought it would be but it does make sense. Who likes to wait? Not me that is for sure! What does God require of us in between times when He speaks to us with clear instructions and calls us into action? To wait. Dr. Charles Stanley states “The Lord has places to take us, and He knows what baggage to leave behind.”

What does it take to “shed” things from your life? Time. I have hit the gym a lot over the past 2 weeks in preparation for getting back into the healthy habit of taking care of myself physically and shedding those unwanted pounds and bad habits that I was slipping back in to and this will all take time to make it a healthy habit. I would like to have instant gratification but I would not appreciate it as much if it were just handed to me. God knows that and He uses the process of waiting on Him for the next set of instructions to do whatever He needs to do in my life to get me ready for the plans He has in store for me. Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I must constantly remind myself of this promise from God so I can keep telling myself that it is all going to be okay because God knows the plans He has for me and they are good. The days I want to believe the lie that God doesn’t really care about me as much as He does someone else and those promises in the Bible do not ring true for me like they do everyone else I have to fight hard against these negative thoughts and remind myself of the promise in Jer. 29:11 that absolutely, positively does hold true for me as well. Get rid of the stinkin’ thinkin’!

I can either wait patiently on God and embrace waiting as a form of obedience and not laziness or lack of production or I can try to run ahead and make things happen in my own time. Often times I do run ahead of Him and when I discover I am merely running around in circles and bringing myself much more pain and suffering than was needed I end up back where I began. Waiting. My hope for 2011 is that while I am waiting on God I will embrace the positives that are happening as a result of that waiting. That could be shedding baggage, learning lessons, learning to trust in God more and becoming more dependent upon Him for everything that pertains to my life or a multitude of other things. I want to start looking more for the “good” that God is bringing about.

The article references Jeremiah in Lamentations 3:19-26. Read it below and see that Jeremiah started off focusing on the negative, then he allowed his way of thinking to be changed so he saw new results (positives) and finally it resulted in a new attitude where God’s purpose for his life was becoming more clear.

19 The thought of my suffering and homelessness
is bitter beyond words.
20 I will never forget this awful time,
as I grieve over my loss.
21 Yet I still dare to hope
when I remember this:

22 The faithful love of the Lord never ends!
His mercies never cease.
23 Great is his faithfulness;
his mercies begin afresh each morning.
24 I say to myself, “The Lord is my inheritance;
therefore, I will hope in him!”

25 The Lord is good to those who depend on him,
to those who search for him.
26 So it is good to wait quietly
for salvation from the Lord.

I pray that you will encounter a renewing of your mind and that new, positive attitudes begin to develop in your own walk with God! Trust Him! He knows what’s ahead of you and He’ll be with you the whole way.

Happy New Year!




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